2018 Garden Trends

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We’ve been tracking the newest and greatest 2018 garden trends so you don’t have to!


Small yards are having a moment in pop culture right now. With the introduction of multiple new television shows featuring people living in small spaces, for example “Tiny House, Big Living” on HGTV, there are more and more people that are becoming curious about the small yard trend. Small yards don’t need to be an eyesore on the outside of an otherwise beautiful lawn. In fact, there are many creative ways to maximize space in a small yard. If you want to learn more about styling a small space, check out our post with our landscaping ideas for small areas.

Weather tolerant landscaping also continues to be on the rise into 2018. Smart homeowners are beginning to realize that changes in weather don’t need to be costly every season. EasyTurf artificial turf is one way homeowners are solving this problem. Artificial grass is weather-proof and looks great year-round. EasyTurf artificial grass won’t dry out in the summer and create dead, yellow patches like real grass inevitably does. Also, EasyTurf won’t become muddy and soggy in seasons of wet weather. No matter the weather, EasyTurf artificial grass is always plush, green, and camera-ready.


This year has also continued to see an increased focus on local. Most people have heard about the nationally declining populations of bees and wildflowers in the news, which has spurred community activism centered around fostering local plants and preserving local habitats. Many new garden trends are centered around local community gardens and residential planter beds that foster safe environments for local plants. On another positive note, local plants are better adapted to weather conditions, so they will often thrive in their local environments and make a beautiful addition to their gardens.

These are only three of the many home garden trends we’ve seen in the gardening community. What do you think about this list? Let us know!


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