Guide to A Beautiful Spring Home

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Spring is here! It’s time to create that beautiful Spring home garden with this home gardening guide.
    • Plant bright, colorful flowers. This is the perfect weekend afternoon activity. After the gloom of winter, everyone needs a little pop of color in their backyard. There are many different varieties and colors of Spring flowers to choose from depending on where you live. Check out this article in Better Homes and Gardens to find out which Spring flowers are the best match for your home.
    • Install an artificial grass lawn with EasyTurf that will look beautiful year-round. The warming weather of Spring will often wreak havoc on real grass lawns by causing dry, yellow patches and scratchy blades. EasyTurf artificial grass, on the other hand, will stay green, plush, and soft throughout the seasons. The whole family will want to spend time outside running around and playing on the new lawn!
    • A new gazebo is the perfect excuse to host more outdoor parties this Spring. Pair a new gazebo with a series of beautiful vines and plants that surround the perimeter for a garden tea-party vibe.
    • Install a bird feeder. Birds chirping are the most obvious sign that Spring has arrived! Welcome birds into your backyard by installing a bird feeder. You will love to look out the window and see your visiting bird friends.


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