Turf Lingo 101: Infill

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What is Infill?

In real grass, blades are held up in place by water and nutrients being sent upward from the roots. With artificial grass, on the other hand, infill must be used to mimic this process and hold artificial blades standing upright.  Infill is made up of small pieces of crushed material that are placed over the top of the artificial grass and lay within the blades of grass. The synthetic turf infill facilitates a more plush, real-looking appearance with the standing position of the blades. As pressure is applied, the blades will bend down under weight and then spring back up into a standing position once pressure is released. For this reason, infill will keep your artificial grass look and feel as real as possible.

Infill for artificial turf is most commonly created with crushed material from silica sand, rubber, cork, or Envirofill. Even though these infills were created for the same purpose, there are important differences between each type. They come in different colors, different feel, and even different antimicrobial properties.

Now that you are an infill expert, contact your design consultant to ask which type of infill would be a good fit for you!

An EasyTurf employee applying sand infill

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