What can 220 sq. ft. of Turf do for You?


Well, if you are a DIY-er and know the value of what a little bit of green can bring to your life, you might really appreciate a piece of turf that is smaller in size than a two-car garage. It’s small enough to tackle artificial grass as a DIY project, and big enough to make a huge impact.

With an eye for architectural design, a talented EasyTurf customer recently purchased turf that combines olive thatch and a dual colored blade for his DIY backyard project. He used the field and olive green turf to break up the look and feel of his concrete patio area, leading up to a wonderfully turquoise swimming pool at the back of his property.




With the help of EasyTurf’s YouTube videos on how to install artificial turf as part of a Do It Yourself project, there are no limits to what you can do to transform your own backyard. With more than ten varieties of turf to choose from, including turf made specifically for pets and putting greens, the question is: what can you do with 220 sq.ft. of turf?



If you are a first-timer, a fun and easy way to get started is with the help of a couple of friends — make a party out of it and celebrate the outcome together!

For the backyard project showcased here, the customer stated: “I realized 220 sq. ft. of EasyTurf, with 2.5 pounds per sq.ft. of Envirofill, equalled peace of mind for me, my family, and my dogs for years to come.”

We think Nacho and Pedro, the family’s fetchingly good-looking English Bulldogs, agree!