Testimonial “The dogs LOVE it”

“I have two dogs and decided this turf would help keep the dogs from bringing sand into my pool. The dogs LOVE it. I see them basking in the shade of my palm trees on this wonderful product. They quoted me a 3 day install, but the guys showed up early, worked late, and finished in two days instead of three. I am very pleased with the end result, and I have received nothing but compliments on how it looks.” – Mike M

Thank you for the kind words, Mike! This homeowner was in need of a low maintenance, pet-friendly lawn solution and decided to give EasyTurf a call. Between the initial consultation and the finished installation, the job was completed in about a week. Such a beautiful green yard! Now his two dogs can roll around and play in the yard without destroying the lawn, dirtying the pool, or dragging mud into the house.


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