21 NFL Teams Use FieldTurf Synthetic Grass

FieldTurf is a Huge Success Among Top NFL Teams

The Super Bowl is a great way to celebrate the end of the NFL football season.  Parties are thrown, large quantities of food are devoured, and new electronics are purchased. Everyone rallies around their favorite team and excitement is high. But this year’s football game is even more special to us here at EasyTurf.  EasyTurf is a FieldTurf company, and this year’s Super Bowl is being played on a field that uses our product, by two teams that have our FieldTurf installed in their home stadiums.

There are now 21 NFL teams that use FieldTurf.  The Colts’ NFL stadium field, home of the Super Bowl, has been voted multiple times as the best turf surface in the NFL. The first installation in an NFL stadium was in 2002 for the Seattle Seahawks. Originally planned as a natural grass field, the Seahawks decided to install FieldTurf after they had played the two previous seasons in Husky Stadium on FieldTurf. Conventional artificial turfs, like AstroTurf, had been disliked by players due to the injuries and soreness associated with playing on the previous generations’ harder surfaces. Seattle’s coach, Mike Holmgren, said of the NFL FieldTurf surface “it’s about as much like grass as you can have a synthetic surface be” and that the “players love it”. New technology and superior product quality have led to FieldTurf to become the top NFL synthetic grass provider.


Players are getting their first taste of our turf fields at high schools and colleges across the nation.  More than 100 NCAA D-1 teams play and/or practice on FieldTurf, and over 1,000 high schools. This number continues to grow, especially as more players feel the difference artificial turf can have on their game. Reduced injury, cleaner aesthetic, and year-round play are common praises of the turf. This isn’t surprising, especially when you consider there are a number of serious downfalls of natural grass. For example, dirt holes and slippery surfaces can be downright dangerous for players running. Once players practice on FIeldTurf artificial grass, there is no reason to play on natural grass again.


No matter who wins this years Super Bowl, we are proud of our product and our teams. Contact us, a FieldTurf company, today for more information on our NFL artificial turf.

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