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EasyTurf, Your Anaheim Synthetic Grass Solution

Why EasyTurf?

We are Anaheim’s premiere artificial turf manufacturer and distributor. Our synthetic turf products are recognized for their innovation and broad consumer and business applications. Synthetic turf has been growing in popularity over the past few years in home and commercial use. Our EasyTurf Anaheim synthetic grass has a look and feel often indistinguishable from its organic counterpart. The alternative lawn solutions that we provide have been used in back and front yards, as attractive landscaping, and on private and professional golf courses. Our synthetic grass in Anaheim can serve as a low maintenance, durable year round alternative in virtually any environment in which natural grass can be implemented.

EasyTurf in Cold Weather Installations

EasyTurf is an all weather synthetic grass. Its advanced polymer engineering makes EasyTurf suited to seasonal cold weather climates where organic grass is impractical or other turf products fail.

EasyTurf Cleans Easily and Drains Quickly

The innovative design of EasyTurf’s synthetic grass MaxxFlow™ backing allows for quick draining and resists bacterial buildup and odors which are problematic in many synthetic lawn applications. Proprietary rinse-clean drainage technology makes clean up as easy as spraying with a garden hose.

EasyTurf is a Realistic Looking Lawn Replacement

Our synthetic turf is recognized for its realistic look and feel. EasyTurf grass blades are designed to provide the highest level of natural visual and touch aesthetic.

EasyTurf is Safe for Sensitive Individuals

Our EasyTurf synthetic grass is non toxic, resists microbial contamination and is hypo-allergenic making it ideally suited for use around pets, children and sensitive individuals.

EasyTurf is Pet Friendly

Our lawn has been approved by dog psychology expert, Cesar Millan for use in pet friendly applications and in dog facilities nationwide. The durability of EasyTurf resists damage and keeps dogs from digging holes in it. A problem with some artificial grasses involves pet cleanup. Our synthetic grass in Anaheim performs very well in this area, requiring minimal effort, and most of the times can be rinsed clean by spraying with a garden hose.

EasyTurf is Durable and High Quality

Our synthetic grass in Anaheim has a product life of 15 – 20 years and is UV treated and resists bleaching and discoloration which affect natural grass and other types of synthetic turf.

EasyTurf is Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Our artificial grass in Anaheim promotes significant water conservation and has saved businesses and consumers upwards of 70 percent on their water bills. EasyTurf customers also report significant decreases in landscaping and ground maintenance expenses after installing our synthetic turf.

Suited for Every Lawn Application

EasyTurf has been implemented in home Tennis Courts, playgrounds and as a lawn replacement for backyards and around swimming pools. In commercial applications, EasyTurf has been used in landscaping, animal care facilities and putting greens. In fact, EasyTurf has been used by Arnold Palmer’s golf course design company in top courses.

EasyTurf is NFL Tough

In 2010, EasyTurf was recognized for its outstanding turf products and subsequently acquired by symthetic grass industry leader, FieldTurf. FieldTurf is a company known for its own product, which is used by 22 out of 23 NFL Teams that use FieldTurf products for play and practice.

EasyTurf is Easy to Install

EasyTurf attractiveness is supported by a simple installation process available on our website.

Anaheim Synthetic Grass

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