Artificial Grass Green Roofs

Artificial Grass Rooftop
Artificial Grass Green Roofs

Maximize and transform living space with artificial grass on a flat roof, green roof, rooftop, patio surface or green roof terrace surface. EasyTurf artificial grass provides the best green roof surface product available. Engineered to be the most durable, best draining and most realistic artificial grass green roof decks on the market.

  • Easy Artificial Grass Green Rooftop Installation: Installs directly over any standard flooring without nails or glue to create a soft, insulating green roof
  • Safety: Creates a safe, eco-friendly green roof artificial grass surface year-round
  • Durability: A green roof surface designed to withstand every climate
  • Valuable Living Space: Transforms previously unusable or rarely used areas into valuable green roof living space
Ideal For:
  • Rooftops
  • Patio Areas
  • Terraces
  • Decks
MaxxFlow: Proprietary Drainage Technology

This proprietary backing exclusive to EasyTurf provides a built in weed barrier with unmatched artificial grass roof drainage capacity. Liquids flow through EasyTurf’s integrated MaxxFlow backing at rates ten times higher than other turf backings. Drains faster and cleaner than real grass

  • 100% drainage with zero absorption
  • 100% permeable backing eliminates the need for deodorizers and ammonia absorbing additives
Drainage Tiles:

PDS drainage tiles: Enables a green roof installation over an existing concrete, asphalt or other hard roof top surface. A half inch lift provides needed drainage and ventilation between the new green roof and underlying surface.


Infill provides the green roof surface with ballast, keeps the blades upright and provides a soft green roof surface foot. As a San Diego artificial grass company, EasyTurf offers two green roof infill options:

  • A patented crumb rubber and sand infill process provides a soft, natural green roof feel under foot.
  • EasyFill, acrylic encapsulated sand, can be used as an alternative green roof infill (low weight perfect for green roofs) to crumb rubber and sand.

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