Artificial Grass Overview

Artificial Grass Overview — What You Need To Know

Artificial grass was originally created to replace organic grass surfacing for sports applications. Because of the many benefits over organic grass and the innovations in the look and feel of synthetic grass in the past ten years, artificial turf has morphed from a sports application to a solution for a wide variety of surfaces. From backyards to rooftops and airfields, artificial turf is an environmentally friendly landscape solution. Continue reading for an artificial grass overview.

Synthetic grass is made up of fibers or yarn that are tufted or quilted into a synthetic grass backing.  The turf is infilled with materials that help the blades stand up tall to match the appearance of a natural lawn. Today there are countless varieties of synthetic grass. Artificial grass comes in varying heights, colors and yarn types.

Some examples of artificial grass applications include:

The artificial turf industry is rapidly expanding. Where there were once only a few North American manufacturers there are now many other manufacturers bringing in lower quality products from outside of the U.S. Like many products in fast growing markets where there isn’t a tremendous amount of common knowledge, it is important for consumers to educate themselves.

All artificial grass is not created equally. There are high quality and low quality fiber polymers. High quality polymers mean longevity in a synthetic grass product, keeping the product looking great over the years. This is an important quality when a product promotes a 15-20 year life span.

Drainage is another major factor in synthetic grass manufacturing. Not all backings drain well. In fact, many artificial backings drain poorly because holes have been punched in the back of the turf or a felt-like substance was added.  This felt-like backing must come to saturation before it begins draining. Even when it does drain, it doesn’t drain straight through. Since it’s an absorptive material some of the properties of the liquid that makes contact with the artificial turf will always remain in the backing.

EasyTurf is the only artificial grass with a 100% permeable MaxxFlow backing. This backing is 100% porous and drains clean through with no absorption. Drainage is a key factor for pet owners when considering synthetic grass.

Overall, artificial grass is more than just the grass product itself. As innovative and evolved the product has become in the past twelve years, the installation is what takes a great looking product to a near match to an organic lawn.

Ground preparation, cutting the turf to beautifully fit the existing layout of the installation area, seaming the turf together, and application of the infill material is crucial in achieving that true-to-life look and feel of a natural lawn. Then you have created a comfortable, beautiful lawn that you can play on for years to come.

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