Artificial Grass & Pets: Great Looking, Safe, and Play-friendly!

artificial grass & pets

Safe Artificial Grass for Your Best Friend

Your pet deserves an outdoor area to run and play. EasyTurf’s artificial grass is perfect for pets. Our grass products are non-toxic and non-staining. The grass remains lush and green year round, regardless of how much frisbee you and your pet play. This also means you can rest assured that your furry friend will be safe playing. Artificial grass & pets are a perfect match.


Additionally, artificial grass rapid absorption means that your pet can relieve itself and waste material can simply be hosed away. That means much less hassle for you. Run outside and play! No need to stop the fun and clean up a mess.


Also, the tightly woven backing prevents dead spots from digging or pacing. Pets, especially dogs, are notorious for digging. EasyTurf synthetic grass aims to minimize this damage from a troublesome pet.


Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Cesar Millan recommends EasyTurf synthetic grass as his #1 choice for pets.


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