Backyard Putting Green Design Process


EasyTurf backyard putting green design specialists approach each backyard artificial grass putting green design as a blank canvas. Building a putting green at home is easy with EasyTurf.

A nice open space supplies the best landscape for creativity with a home putting green design. Our meticulous home putting green design specialists survey the proposed practice putting green area visualizing a backyard putting green with moguls, undulations, elevations, rolling hill sides and more. The backyard synthetic putting green design is determined most often on the first day of the artificial putting green installation.

EasyTurf Custom Putting Green

EasyTurf putting greens for the home design consultants work to create the perfect amount of slope where the ball will move naturally. This creates a practice backyard putting green for ideas where there is no need to have forced movement within the home practice putting green. Having said that, EasyTurf backyard putting green design specialists do normally prefer to add some additional character along the apron, or collar, to maximize the visual appeal of the synthetic practice putting green. If the backyard putting green area is flat and the customer does not want a “pool table” finish, then EasyTurf home putting green designers thrive with creative license.

While paying very close attention to slope and grade, EasyTurf backyard putting green specialists can build bunkers, hazards, bulkheads and more. They can focus on back lip placement in relation to all the synthetic putting green features and the ultra-realistic simulated bent grass backyard putting green surface.

EasyTurf backyard putting green design specialists work with the client to plan the grain of the synthetic putting green and to place swales and even pot bunkers in the most attractive and challenging of locations.

EasyTurf practice putting green design professionals are also landscape experts. This is an important part of building a putting green at home that will last 15-20 years.

Synthetic putting greens are a custom built project for EasyTurf clients. Since backyard putting greens and practice putting greens are multi-dimensional a drawing is a very rough idea of what clients can expect. A two-dimensional home putting green diagram mostly provides a basic shape for the design consultant and client to work off of.  Keep in mind, there is no wrong shape when building a putting green at home, except avoiding straight lines.

EasyTurf Putting Green

EasyTurf Signature Series Golf Greens

  • Perfectly simulates the finest bent grass surfaces of famed courses such as Augusta and Pine Valley
  • Custom elements and designs, including kidney-shaped greens, swales, bulkheads, moguls, tiers and bunkers for ultimate realism
  • Elevations and undulations for uphill and downhill backyard putting green action
  • Low Maintenance home practice putting green
  • Unmatched home putting green warranty
  • Increase property values with an expertly designed and installed artificial putting green
  • No fertilizers or pesticides needed for this home putting green
  • UV stabilized, no synthetic putting green fading from the heat or sun
  • Home putting green speed can be tailored to match your golf game

No other synthetic putting green installation and design comes close to our quality.

Most Realistic
“For me EasyTurf Greens do the best job of providing a true roll.”- Rex Cole, Director of Golf, Cottonwood Golf Club

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