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EasyTurf’s Synthetic Grass Go Mat

Today, more and more people are on the go doing the things they love to do. And Go Mat from EasyTurf® enhances that experience. Go Mat appeals to a large variety of customers because there are countless ways people can use the artificial grass mat. From small outdoor areas, pet spaces, and more, these mats are extremely versatile for individuals who want turf applicable to a smaller space. Unique, eye-catching display graphics turn shoppers into buyers by highlighting the versatility of Go Mat. In addition, these grass pads offers realized profit margins of 33-40%, making it a lucrative addition to your product offering. The fake grass mats are available in three sizes, and all carry a 3 year warranty.


› Realistic Look and Feel
› Grass Won’t Fade/Stays Green
› Rinse-Clean Drainage Technology
› 3 Year Warranty


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