Bonita Synthetic Grass

Bonita Synthetic Grass
California is a difficult place to grow grass lately. The prolonged drought is only the latest example of how hard it is to maintain a lawn in such a naturally dry environment. At the same time, however, that does not mean that residents of towns like Bonita need to give up their lawns completely. The better alternative is to use synthetic grass.
Hassle-Free, Water-Free Grass Alternative
Bonita Synthetic Grass is far easier and less expensive to maintain than a traditional lawn. For one thing, there is no need to mow at all. That alone is a massive quality of life difference. The feeling of “I never have to mow the lawn again” is an amazing thing. Watering is also time-consuming, and even more difficult in times of drought. This is not just a one-time event, either. Bonita does not lie in a naturally wet area, and most of California relies on a complex system of dams, irrigation, and reservoirs to meet water needs. Putting that water into a lawn is a luxury that not many people will be able to enjoy for much longer.
In addition, synthetic turf in Southern California have inborn advantages over natural ones. They are always pet and child friendly because there is no need to spray them with pesticides and fertilizers. That also reduces harmful runoff. EasyTurf uses a permeable backing so the synthetics will not affect water flow. The time and money that you put into a synthetic lawn in Bonita is a tiny fraction of what a natural lawn demands.
Artificial Grass Appearance, Color, & Texture

Many people assume that Bonita artificial grass is a downgrade from a natural lawn. This may the case in the past, but not today. In terms of appearance, color, and texture, synthetic grass looks real to the naked eye. Furthermore, EasyTurf has refined the technology and the process of building and installing synthetic grass to the point where it is difficult to distinguish real from synthetic. Moreover, these advancements have come with cost savings so that synthetic grass is now far more affordable and accessible than it ever has been in the past. These qualities have brought EasyTurf to the forefront of the synthetic grass industry. The combination of competitive prices and high quality means they deliver great value.

EasyTurf’s Long Standing Experience in Southern California

EasyTurf also has extensive experience in Southern Californian cities like Bonita. The unique characteristics of the region mount a challenge to anyone who wants to do landscaping work here. Bonita synthetic grass requires a deep knowledge not only of the grass but also the underlying soil, the local water flows, rain patterns, etc. EasyTurf’s experience and skill in the industry speak for themselves. EasyTurf is the number one supplier of synthetic turf throughout Southern California and the nation.

That success has not gone unnoticed, either. FieldTurf, the world’s largest supplier of artificial turf for sports venues and other event spaces, recently acquired EasyTurf to form the nation’s biggest turf supplier. FieldTurf recognized the quality of EasyTurf’s product and felt that it had even wider application than just residential lawns.

Bonita Synthetic Grass > Natural Lawn

Synthetic grass is finally getting the recognition is deserves as a prime replacement for natural lawn, and nowhere is it a better fit than in Bonita. Bonita synthetic grass can preserve the area’s beauty without needing to rely on the environmentally challenging water schedule that natural lawn needs. With almost no maintenance, synthetic grass can last decades. That is far better performance than any natural lawn can give, and with no reduction in quality. With a natural lawn, you need to keep paying for it over and over again. Synthetic grass is one and done: you get it installed with the help of a professional and experienced company like EasyTurf that can do it at the lowest possible cost, and then you are set for as long as you want to keep it.

If you have looked at synthetic grass in the past and been disappointed, dismiss those initial impressions. Bonita artificial grasses have grown by leaps and bounds to the point where many neighbors never even notice that the lawn is not real. As soon as they figure it out, they will want to know where you got such convincing grass. You will be able to tell them that EasyTurf’s synthetic turf for Southern California was the deal of a lifetime and now you do not need to worry about water rationing, wasted time, and sunburns ever again.


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