Del Mar Synthetic Grass

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Beautiful Grass for Your Del Mar Home

Living by the beach in Del Mar means you have seen your fair share of sand. The last thing you want to see when you return home from a day basking in the sun is more brown. You could pay a lawn care team to maintain your grass, hoping that water shortages don’t affect your beautiful yard. You could also make a simpler, more effective choice with Del Mar synthetic grass.


EasyTurf offers synthetic grass products in Del Mar that are expertly designed to look like natural grass. The variegated blades replicate natural grass. The low flyout and natural touch of this artificial grass can fool anyone into believing the grass is growing from the ground. The best part of installing EasyTurf synthetic grass is the lack of maintenance. You save time and money by no longer having to weed, mow, trim or water. Lack of harmful chemicals to kill weeds or pests means your home can be healthier as well. Get a quote on an artificial grass installation for your home.


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