Fake Grass, REAL TALK

EasyTurf is made using some pretty amazing technology, however there are some situations we want to make sure you're aware of to help protect your investment.

Here are some simple steps to consider.


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No matter what kind of lawn you have—real or artificial grass—gophers and other burrowing critters can cause sinkholes and bumps in the lawn.

Installing wire mesh under your EasyTurf lawn can help eliminate this problem if there is any evidence of these animals and can even prevent future issues.


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While the risk of weeds is decreased with your new EasyTurf lawn, there are some instances where they can still pop up. Most weeds will germinate within the top of the infill.

Using a basic weed killer will kill these weeds and will not harm the turf. Invasive weeds such as nutsedge will require a series of treatments from a professional. These weeds can grow through the backing of the turf and should be treated immediately.


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Natural grass can be burned by pet urine and requires daily watering to rinse it away.

Animal urine can cause unpleasant odors from factors such as lack of routine maintenance, size of the dog, conditions in the ventilation and size of the yard.Rinsing is recommended to help minimize potential odors and keep your pet-friendly EasyTurf clean.


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The effect of the sun’s energy when magnified by glass or reflective surfaces can be damaging. It can harm vehicle paint, plastic furniture, vinyl siding and many other surfaces, including natural grass and artificial grass.

Although it’s difficult to predict if a particular area has a risk of being impacted by window or other types of reflection, your EasyTurf design consultant would be happy to offer suggestions on how to protect your new lawn.


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EasyTurf is a textile-based product and all such products can show use over time.

In high traffic areas we suggest the use of stepping stones or walk ways. Your design consultant can provide you with more information regarding suggested design layout and upkeep.


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No artificial grass can stay as cool as natural grass because the blade structure has water flowing through it. However, EasyTurf can be cooled by a quick hose down.

In some cases, artificial grass will remain cooler than other landscape surfaces such as concrete, rock, or brick, which can absorb and radiate heat.