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How Hot Does EasyTurf Artificial Grass Get?
Artificial grass in general can not stay as cool as natural grass because natural grass is coursing with water. This fact alone cools the organic grass blade surface. EasyTurf artificial grass does, however, stay much cooler than any other hardscape surface and does not absorb and radiate heat like hard pavement, rock or brick surfaces.


Does EasyTurf Artificial Grass Stain like Grass?
There has not been an incidence of EasyTurf artificial grass staining to date. Sticky spills can be easily hosed off to prevent from bugs and sticking to dirt and dust. Even paint can be softened with paint remover and then rinsed off of an EasyTurf artificial grass surface.

What kind of Maintenance Does EasyTurf Artificial Grass Require? 
Artificial grass should be cleaned as needed. Remove organic materials from the artificial grass surface, typically by using a leaf blower and stiff bristled broom or Grandi Groom. Rakes may be required for removing heavier objects; however, the leaf blower is the ideal tool for general upkeep.


How Long Does it Take to Install an Average Artificial Grass Lawn?
An average artificial grass landscape project can be completed in as little as one day. However, more complicated artificial grass projects might take two to three days. Each synthetic grass installation is customized, so it is sometimes hard to determine the artificial grass installation time line without a site visit.


Will Weeds Grow through EasyTurf Artificial Grass?
Common lawn Weeds cannot grow through the tough artificial grass backing. A seed can sometimes germinate on top of the artificial grass in the sand or sand and crumb rubber infill. Then if this is the case, the weed is not “rooted” in the ground and can easily be pulled up.

Does EasyTurf Artificial Grass Grow Mildew?
Due to the EasyTurf artificial grass extremely porous MaxxFlow backing and design, mold and mildew are not a problem, even over hard surfaces and additional installation item, PDS drainage tile, can be installed to reduce the risk of mold and mildew on these “non-breathable” solid surfaces.


Why Does EasyTurf Use Black Rubber Infill, Is It Safe?
EasyTurf artificial grass uses a patented infill process that includes a combination of washed sand or acrylic coated sand and crumb rubber infill for our installations because this method provides a comfortable feel underfoot and is the most effective means known to keep the synthetic blades upright. So in many ways, it functions as synthetic dirt.

What About Gophers? Rabbits? Bugs?
Unlike natural sod grass EasyTurf does not provide an organic habitat that is conducive to life for common lawn pests such as insects, fleas, rabbits and gophers. Gopher wire may be needed to be laid during the installation process for areas inundated with gopher activity.


Is It Important to Work With a Company That Has a Contractor’s License?
To ensure your new lawn is professionally installed, choose a company specializing in synthetic grass installation, rather than from an individual who has marginal experience or a company that does synthetic turf as a sideline. Select a company that employs trained and experienced installation crews who install synthetic turf everyday to guarantee your installation is done correctly. So make sure to do your research when selecting a contractor. After you’ve done your research thoroughly, then go ahead and make a decision.

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