Rancho Santa Fe Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass Escondido

Real Looking Grass for Rancho Santa Fe Residents

Living in Rancho Santa Fe, you know how difficult it is to keep your lawn looking lush and green. You can spend thousands on lawn maintenance and still have dry, brown grass during the hot summer months. EasyTurf has a solution to all of your lawn care problems with Rancho Santa Fe Synthetic Grass.


EasyTurf’s residential synthetic grass is ideal for Rancho Santa Fe homeowners. It looks and feels like the real thing, but has none of the headaches. You can have year-round green grass that never has to be watered, trimmed, weeded or mowed. Rather than spending hours kneeling in the backyard, take the hassle out of things with synthetic grass. It is even safe for kids and pets to run and play. You can rest easy knowing that EasyTurf has you and your family covered.


EasyTurf’s unique technology works exceptionally well in the Southern California climate. Our patented technology ensures that you are receiving the highest value product available on the market. Rancho Santa Fe sythethic grass is your solution to the perfect lawn.


Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a call to set up a free design consultation. We’d love to spend some time discussing how EasyTurf artificial grass can be of benefit to you and your family.


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