San Marcos Synthetic Grass


Synthetic Grass in San Marcos

Summers in San Marcos can be brutal. No one knows this more than the homeowner who is trying to keep up with a tired, drab lawn. Let EasyTurf do the work for you. San Marcos synthetic grass is made to withstand the dry heat of summer as well as those rainy days in the fall.

All of our installers are trained to install artificial grass the EasyTurf way. This involves grading your existing ground and prepping it for perfect installation. We install drainage along with the artificial grass backing, which ensures that you will have no puddles of water regardless of how much it rains.


EasyTurf Quality

Once the synthetic grass is installed, you will see right away how real the grass looks and feels. This is because our synthetic grass is made with multi-color blades to emulate the look of true grass. We also use infill material so that the grass can stand up strong and proud.

EasyTurf artificial grass is made to look gorgeous, but it is made to be used as well. Walk, sit, picnic and play on EasyTurf. Enjoy all of the benefits of real grass with none of the drawbacks. You won’t be bothered by pests, weeds or dirt when you have EasyTurf installed in your yard.

San Marcos synthetic grass is not solely for homes. You can find EasyTurf products everywhere from playgrounds to sports fields to resorts. Business owners know that EasyTurf is a name that can be trusted. We back up our claims with a 15 year warranty.

Don’t delay having a perfect yard. Call us today for a no obligation estimate. We can’t wait to help your San Marcos lawn live up to its full potential.

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