San Diego Artificial Turf

San Diego Artificial Turf
One of the most striking visual elements of any home in San Diego as you view it from the outside is the lawn. It takes up a large portion of the visual field and everyone has a standard for what a lawn should look like. A crisp natural lawn looks beautiful and sets up the entire property. However, not everyone realizes that synthetic grass actually looks just as good as natural grass, as long as you have the right supplier and professional installation. San Diego Artificial Turf is the solution.
Why EasyTurf?
The first place to look is EasyTurf. EasyTurf is the number one supplier of synthetic grass for residential properties in the nation. It rose to that position by getting started right here in Southern California. That’s because San Diego artificial turf presents a unique challenge. The environment in SoCal is special because it is naturally dry and arid. That means all landscaping becomes more difficult. It also means that natural grass is particularly hard to maintain. Grass requires a significant amount of water to stay healthy and green. In times like these, when water is in short supply, it is almost impossible to keep grass alive. But putting synthetic grass in San Diego takes special experience and expertise to make it look natural and conform to the land’s curves. Artificial grass in San Diego from EasyTurf is so hard to distinguish from natural grass that most people can’t tell them apart.
Water-Free & Hassle-Free
That is not the only reason to choose artificial turf. Artificial grass in San Diego has many other advantages. Aside from cutting down on water use, it also needs no mowing. Keeping a lawn looking good requires regular mowing so that it stays at the right height. Artificial turf is always the right height. Think about all of the time you need to spend mowing a natural lawn, getting sunburned and having to deal with gas cans or wires all over the yard. Artificial turf removes all of that.
Synthetic grass is also perfect for pets, sports, yard play, and any other use. There is no need to spray San Diego artificial turf with pesticides and chemicals to keep it growing properly. Those pose a risk to pets and children who use the grass, and they also wash off into the local water system, damaging the environment. The same goes for fertilizers: they, too, harm the environment through runoff. Using turf means you can protect your local environment.
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Of course, all of that is meaningless if you can’t find the right place to get turf. EasyTurf hasn’t risen to the top through just offering low prices, although the company does that. The real strength of EasyTurf is the technology behind the San Diego artificial turf. If the synthetic grass does not have the look and texture of real grass, then all of those other benefits fall by the wayside. Fortunately, EasyTurf is well-known across the nation for the perfection of its product. Visually, the San Diego artificial turf is extremely difficult to distinguish from natural grass. It has a permeable backing so that water will flow through it normally. Some poorly made turfs cause water pools to appear in the yard because water can’t drain through it during rain. That causes distortions in the yard and can damage the property’s appearance. But EasyTurf’s proprietary backing allows for a natural response to water, minimizing environmental distortions.
In fact, EasyTurf’s technology is so advanced that it is suitable for more than just residences. The nation’s leading supplier of turf for sports venues, FieldTurf, recent purchased EasyTurf so that they could take advantage of the industry’s best synthetic grass and place it in stadiums and fields all over the country. That speaks to the quality of the turf: if it is close enough to natural grass that football and soccer players can use it, then it has all the right characteristics of natural grass.
Benefits that Last
Decreased maintenance time and costs, no water costs, no dangerous runoff, beautiful appearance with no upkeep, no interaction with plants and trees, completely safe for pets and kids– there are so many benefits for using synthetic grass that it is hard to ignore. In addition, rather than paying for water and fertilizer over and over again, you only need to pay for installation once, and then you can enjoy your perfect lawn for decades. EasyTurf has advanced the technology behind synthetic grass exponentially in the past several years, and the current product looks far better than it did in the past. If you have been disappointed by synthetic grass, then now is the time to reconsider. Upgrade your residential or commercial area with a synthetic grass San Diego installation.


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