EasyTurf to Exhibit at The Florida Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show This Summer

The Florida Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show

is coming this August!

The Florida Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show will take place at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL on August 5th, 2020. As an event attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other industry professionals along with product & service providers addressing important issues such as: energy, operations, regulatory compliance, leadership, critical facilities, sustainable & green buildings, technology, predictive maintenance, emergency planning, safety & security, high performance buildings, management and power engineering.

Best of all, EasyTurf will be there to answer any and all questions you may have about artificial grass.

EasyTurf is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-quality artificial grass. From playgrounds, event spaces, to commercial landscape and more, EasyTurf has you covered. EasyTurf is a low maintenance lawn solution that decreases maintenance and upkeep costs while increasing usability.  Why choose EasyTurf? Click here.

Free Admission!

Are you, your co-workers or your staff are responsible for the management, engineering or maintenance of the following types of buildings & facilities?

• Colleges & Universities

• Commercial Office Buildings

• Commercial / Residential Mix-Use Facilities

• Governmental Administrative Buildings & Facilities

• Hospitals, Healthcare & Eldercare Facilities

• Hotels, Resorts & Amusement Parks

• Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

• Military Buildings & Facilities

• Municipal Educational Buildings & Facilities

• Religious Facilities & Community Centers

• Sports Facilities & Shopping Complexes

• Transportation Centers, Port Terminals & Airports

• Warehouses & Distribution Centers​​

Dates and Times:

Wednesday, August 5th, 9:00am – 2:00pm


Florida State Fairgrounds

4800 US-301

Tampa, FL


Google Map Directions Click Here

Click here for more information about this event.


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Drop by our booth # 812 and say hello.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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